Consulting, installation and maintenance of organic gardening, ¬†agriculture, and landscapes based in Foiano della Chiana (AR) and serving the Valdichiana and Val d’Orca regions or Southern Tuscany.

Consulenza in agricoltura e giardinaggio biologico, Foiano della Chiana (AR) Toscana

We work with ex-pats, individuals and small businesses in the Valdichiana and Val d’Orca regions of Southern Tuscany to create, maintain, and grow their vegetable gardens and landscapes specializing in organic practices and biological control.

Lavoriamo con espatriati, privati e piccole imprese nelle regioni della Valdichiana e della Val d’Orca della Toscana meridionale per creare, mantenere e coltivare i loro orti e paesaggi specializzati in pratiche biologiche e controllo biologico.


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