About Us

Stone Pine Consulenza S.r.l., is owned by American ex-pats Lisa and Hersey Forehand, but Lisa is the brains of the company.

Lisa, holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors in biology and a Master’s degree in entomology from North Carolina State University. She has always questioned and studied the natural and agricultural world around us. After graduating, she chose to focus on a career at a nonprofit called the Center for Environmental Farming Systems within North Carolina State University. With a lifelong love of learning and educating she quickly found her niche focusing on educating farmers, Extension Agents, government officials as well as the public on sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to farm – using cover crops, encouraging crop rotations, using beneficial insects and compost – over the synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and tillage.

This incredibly rewarding career took on the addition of focusing on ‘local food systems’ along the way. Having helped organize and lead an Agricultural and Gastronomic Tour of Italy in September 2018, opened her eyes to different production systems, different models of food systems and certainly new crops. In addition, it forged friendships with Italian farmers/ producers and helped us gain an even greater appreciation for how our food is produced – from Farm to Fork!