International Vermicomposting Symposium 2023

We are currently planning a multi-day Vermicomposting Symposium in Florence, Italy in 2023. The location is to be determined but will be close to the airport, with easy access to bus, tram, and train lines, many hotels and restaurants.

The Symposium will be in English without translation.

Workshop leaders and conveners will include Industry expert Rhonda Sherman (North Carolina State University, USA) and Francesco Tiezzi (University of Florence, Italy) with Stone Pine Consulenza, an organic agricultural consulting firm in Tuscany, Italy, coordinating the Symposium.


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We would love your feed back for the International Vermicomposting Symposium so we have created a questionnaire here:

Most of the information is voluntary, but as much information as you are willing to provide would be extremely helpful as we move forward with this feasibility analysis.